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KWR100 Series DC Power Supply
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KWR100 Series DC Power Supply

1 mA/1 m Ahigh accuracy resolution Programmable dc power supply
Interface: LAN & USB & Rs232
Multiple communication rates
30V/30A & 60V/15A 2 types of wide range
voltage and current for the users to choose
Compact Size, high power ratio
Low Ripple and noise, linear output
No internal relay switch, no replay noise
Full-scale output without shifting gears and uninterrupted output
Short-circuit test environment, such as high-current contact life test
Gonvenient fast recall
Current, voltage and temperature protections
Adjustable voltage rise slope
Providing Labview and C++ driver and communication examples
Ordering Info.

KWR series programmable DC power supply with the wide range voltage and current, can provide the wide range voltage and current like 30V/30A & 60V/15A. And it can improve the users' equipment utilization and reduce the duplicate investment of different specifications of power supplies, which, that is, significantly reduces the input cost. Furthermore, there are functions like OVP(Over Voltage Protection), OCP(Over Current Protection) and Over Temperature Protection, which can setup the rising slope of the voltage to avoid instantaneous surge. Besides, interfaces LAN, USB and RS232 are also included and they not only achieve conventional DC power supply and test applications, but also realize a variety of high-speed and dynamic test programs and some special applications, for example, high—current contact life test, battery charge test, and high-current LED characteristics test.



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Models KWR102 KWR103
Power 300W 300W
Voltage 0-30V 0-60V
Current 0-30A 0-15A
Load Regulation
Voltage ≤0.01%+1mv ≤0.01%+1mv
Current ≤0.1%+3mA ≤0.1%+3mA
Line Regulation
Voltage ≤0.01%+3mv ≤0.01%+3mv
Current ≤0.1%+3mA ≤0.1%+3mA
Setup Resolution
Voltage 1mV 1mV
Current 1mA 1mA
Read Back Resolution
Voltage 1mV 1mV
Current 1mA 1mA
Setup Accuracy(25℃ ± 5℃)
Voltage ≤0.5%+3mV ≤0.5%+5mV
Current ≤0.5%+3mA ≤0.5%+3mA
Voltage ≤1mVrms+0.03%of current output ≤1mVrms+0.03%of current output
Current ≤5mArms ≤5mArms
Voltage Rise Time
Voltage ≤50ms ≤50ms
Current ≤50ms ≤50ms
Voltage ≤150ppm ≤150ppm
Current ≤150ppm ≤150ppm
Read Back Temp.Coefficient
Voltage ≤150ppm ≤150ppm
Current ≤150ppm ≤150ppm
User manual, power cord, software CD, USB cable & LAN cable
 USB, RS232 & LAN
Weight and Dimension


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