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Single Channel Power Supplies
Setting up the voltage and current rise slope
Wide range outputs of voltage and current
Various modes (source CV/CC/CP, load CC/CP), independent edge setting, adjustable rise and fall times
LIST sequence programming output
Low chopping and low noise
High resolution and precision
Complete digital control
Industrial grade, with load for a long time
Encoder-controlled fine & coarse adjustment
Intelligent temperature-controlled fan
Gompect design
Over-current Protection
Complete digital control / programmable
4-digit display
Intelligent temperature_controlled fan with speed ccntrolled by heat temperature and output power
Compact Design
10 mV /1 mA resolution
Low noise and ripple
1 mA/1 m Ahigh accuracy resolution Programmable dc power supply
Interface: LAN & USB & Rs232
Multiple communication rates
30V/30A & 60V/15A 2 types of wide range
voltage and current for the users to choose
Compact Size, high power ratio
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