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DC Power Supplies
4-channel independent output
4-channel high-speed coordinated output, and each channel can be individually controlled with 4-channel
output delays as low as microseconds
LIST programmable output sequence, 100 consecutive different settings
LIST mode and normal mode can be switched automatically with One Key
Oscilloscope function for simultaneous display of four channels of voltage and current
Setting up the voltage and current rise slope
Wide range outputs of voltage and current
Various modes (source CV/CC/CP, load CC/CP), independent edge setting, adjustable rise and fall times
LIST sequence programming output
Low chopping and low noise
High resolution and precision
Complete digital control and programmable DC power supply
10 mV /1 mA high-accuracy and high-resolution output
Low noise and ripple
Triple channel programmable output control
Serial and parallel functions
5 sets of parameters can be stored inside for fast recall
Complete digital control
Industrial grade, with load for a long time
Encoder-controlled fine & coarse adjustment
Intelligent temperature-controlled fan
Gompect design
Over-current Protection
Complete digital control / programmable
4-digit display
Intelligent temperature_controlled fan with speed ccntrolled by heat temperature and output power
Compact Design
10 mV /1 mA resolution
Low noise and ripple
10mV/1mAhigh accuracy resolution dc power supply
shutdown memory
Complete digital control
Lindustrial grade,with load for a long time
Lnteligent temperature-controlled fan
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